Insights in Nursing has a great selection of regularly appearing panelists drawn from the leaders in the online and social media nursing community. You’ll find brief bios and links for our regular Insights panelists below (in alphabetical).

Kelly Arashin

Kelly describes herself on Twitter as a “Critical Care CCNS/ACNP with a nursing background in emergency and critical care, passionate about patient advocacy & improving resuscitation outcomes.” She also writes at the BarefootNurse blog at blogspot.


Rob Fraser

Rob says of himself on Twitter that he’s a “Nurse & Author. Digital Tool Strategist and Educator. Learn more, help others. Tweets are my own.” He also writes from and on Twitter


Teresa Heithaus

Teresa describes herself on Twitter as a “Nurse Educator, speaker, blogger & consultant. Coordinates online hospital education for nurses using creativity & social media!” She can be found at Nursing Staff Development: Behind the Firewall, and @NurseEducator on Twitter.


Paul Kapsar

Is a NP in primary care in Las Vegas, NV. He joined the show first as a listener and then got on the show after ranting at us in an email. Author of Silver Arc


Kim McAllister

Describes herself on Twitter as “Blogger, RN, NASCAR fan: Kasey Kahne all the way!, Fan of Hugh Hewitt (proud Tribble) & James Lileks, Brady Quinn, and Notre Dame!” You can find her blog at


Terri Polick

On Twitter, Terri says she’s a “Mac Fan Girl, Psych Nurse, Blogger, and Mom. That’s right. I do it all.” She makes a great panelist, too. Find her blog at


Victoria Powell

Victoria is an entrepeneur nurse who is an “RN, Nurse Consultant, Legal Nurse & Life Care Planner, MSA allocator, speaker, writer, blogger of” Catch up with her on Twitter @vpmedical.


Terri Schmitt

Terri is an NP and educator and says on Twitter, “Spreading the important word about how Nursing can change Health Care. Faculty, NP, and student myself.” She also writes at

Lorry Schoenly

Lorry says of herself on Twitter, “Nurse writer & educator, correctional healthcare risk assessment, Biblical Worldview Advocate, Hiker,Janeite.” Her blog can be found at .


Cora Vizcarra

On Twitter, Cora says she’s “Infusion Nurse Consultant /Educator/Entrepreneur: Ask me anything you want to know about Vascular Access and Infusion Therapy.” Find her on the Infusion Nurse blog and on Twitter@InfusionNurse.


Brittany Wilson

Brittany a.k.a. “the Nerdy Nurse” says on Twitter that she is “Patient, Nurse, and Technology Advocate. Clinical Informatics Specialist passionate about improving healthcare and lives through use of technology. She’s also the author of



Jamie Davis

Regular host, producer, and all around “Cat Wrangler” of Insights in Nursing, Jamie Davis, a.k.a. the “Podmedic” is an RN, paramedic, educator, and podcaster with 5 regularly produced shows each week. He is the founder and managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Show and MedicCast weekly programs. Find him on Twitter at