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This episode of Insights in Nursing starts off with nurses and ethical discipline along with a look at a very special help wanted ad from the U.K. We are joined in this episode by host Jamie Davis (of the Nursing Show) along with Teresa Heithaus (from @NuresEducator at and Lorry Schoenly (from This is another great panel all were excited to join the show and continue the new season here at Insights in Nursing.

Featured Nursing Stories

We kicked off this week’s stories talking about the Arizona nurse who had been fired after she posted comments regarding a motorcycle accident victim online at a local news site. Her comments appeared quite callous and Teresa felt compelled to read them aloud again for the audience, they were so shocking to her. The entire panel of nurses agreed that this was over the top for conduct, especially when the nurse involved was from the hospital where the patients were treated.

Nursing and Ethical Conduct

We followed up the Arizona nurse story with a story about a California nurse whose license was put on probation by the Nursing Board there after a drunk driving conviction. The state courts upheld the probation citing the public trust and the position held by nurses in society. It is within the Nursing Board’s right to place a nurse on probation for such things. Both Lorry and Teresa pointed out that their states had ethical rules similar to California’s (Pennsylvania and New York, respectively). Teresa also read the national nursing code of ethics from the ANA (American Nurses Association).

Kinesio Tape and Public View of Medical Devices

Next, the panel discussed the very visible physical therapy tape used by athletes in the recent Olympic games. You couldn’t have watched the Olympics without seeing the “Kinesio Tape” virtually everywhere. A recent article about the tape pointed out that a review of the research shows no significant benefit (or harm) from using this tape. Lorry wondered what the public will think about using such aids as Kinesio Tape when seen in use by high profile athletes? Will they seek to use the tape even though there is no clinical research that supports the claims of the athletic community?

The Queen Needs a Nurse

We closed out the show with a look at a recent want ad placed by the Royal Family of England for a new part time nurse at Windsor Castle. They ask specifically for  a “Holistic” nurse even though the entire panel thought that this showed the author had no idea what this meant when coupled with nursing. Aren’t all nurses supposed to be “holistic” in their approach to patient care and planning? Regardless, this high profile position is surprisingly low-paid making Lorry wonder if all nurses in the U.K. are as low paid as this.

On the panel this week:

Lorry Schoenly from and @LorrySchoenly on Twitter.

Teresa Heithaus from Nursing Staff Development: Behind the Firewall, and @NurseEducator on Twitter.


host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Showand MedicCast weekly programs.

Join us as we delve in to our week’s topics.


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Queen Needs a Nurse


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One Response to The Queen Needs a Nurse – Tape Me Up!

  1. HA! This was a great show with two amazing nurses and people! Theresa, it was so great to have an IRL with you at STTI (and Rob and Carole). Some day the same will happen with Lorry and Jamie.
    Jamie – I want to go to blogworld!!!!!!
    Great and insightful thoughts (no pun intended). More nurses should listen.
    Keep up the great work.

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