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This season of Insights in Nursing kicks off with host Jamie Davis (of the Nursing Show) joined by Terri Schmitt (from and Kelly Arashin (from the Barefoot Nurse blog). The group was excited to get together after a long hiatus for the show.  Look for more episodes released in the coming weeks.

Featured Nursing Stories

This episode featured three stories in the world of nurses and health care. First off the bat is the recent article in the New York Times blog about nurses being better at taking care of others, often at their own expense. The author paints a picture with a scenario where a nurse with chronic back pain becomes more and more depressed as she is no longer able to do as much for her patients or herself without pain. Kelly pointed out that for this aspect of nursing culture to change, it must be supported by administrators in facilities but with ideas and implementation coming from the floors and nurses themselves.

Second up on the list was a report that predicts a 94% growth in Nurse Practitioners by 2025. Along with this prediction, they also make the statement that the report worries that “a growing ratio of NPs to physicians could influence care quality. . .” This got the panel fired up but they also pointed out how nurses in many advanced practice roles have been changing the face of health care through patient satisfaction scores and numerous study results.

Finally, a look at a new piece of technology that creates a “drive-thru” atmosphere to basic health care needs. TheCare4 Station allows a patient to enter a kiosk enclosure in a drug store or other retail location and be connected by video link to a physician. Inside are basic assessment devices automated and transmitting data to the MD on the other end of the line. How long will it be before Nurse Practitioners invade this space as well. However, it is certainly a useful tool in certain situations including a potential for deployment to disaster areas with health care facilities offline.

On the panel this week:

Terri Schmitt from and on Twitter @onlinenursing.

Kelly Arashin from Barefoot Nurse blog and on Twitter @KelRN24 and


host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Showand MedicCast weekly programs.

Join us as we delve in to our week’s topic.


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    Enjoyed the episode! I work with Kelly and always love to hear her professional insights.

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