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Nurse Commits Suicide After Medication Error

Starting off this week’s episode is an article from an anonymous blogger on a nurse named Kimberly Hiatt, a practicing nurse for 27 years, who made a medication error and unfortunately contributed to the child’s death. She was then fired from her job, sanctioned by the board of nursing and ultimately committed suicide from all the stress she was going through.

The discussion went on on the current culture for nurses who make medical errors and reporting errors today, what nurses can do to protect themselves, and how to appropriately deal with these types of situations.

Bedbugs Carrying Superbugs

Next up is an article that has been cropping up quite frequently recently, bedbugs. This article says that bedbugs taken from patients who live in Vancouver’s gritty Downtown Eastside were carrying two types of drug-resistant bacteria. Though the article continued on saying that though the bedbugs carried the infection, there has been no evidence that the infection had been transmitted to humans.

Federal Agency Finding Ways for Medicaid Savings

The panel then continued on to talk about the third article which was about federal agencies looking for ways to save in Medicaid and Medicare patients. They found it interesting that 15% of those who have Medicare are accounted for 40% of the cost because they have both Medicare and Medicaid and that the two systems should coordinate when having patients enrolled in both on how they could be provided the best possible care with the resources that they have.

Nurse-led colonoscopy program

The nurse driven open access colonoscopy article points out that there are way to make significant improvements in savings as much as 10%for various chronic ill patients overall every year. That being said the podmedic’s take on this is that instead of making a large difficult leap to health reform, its better to take little steps to reach that goal by increasing access for other health practitioners in the marketplace to perform procedures that can be done without the supervision of a physician like in this article’s case, colonoscopy.

Nurses Againts Zombieism

This final article is on an online game from the University of Calgary that was created for the purpose of changing the idea on what nurses do. Unlike all the other zombie games where the player’s goal is to annihilate the zombies, the Nurses Against Zombieism game let’s the player triage the patients coming in and actually heal the zombies and prevent them from turning the normal patients into zombies.

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