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Nurses’ Role in Ethical Issues

Host Jamie Davis was joined on this week’s show by Paul Kapsar and Lori Shaunley

In the first article, the panelists share their opinions on the new study that came out which looked at the critical role of nurses in helping patients and their families deal with ethical issues involving care. Paul mentioned that nurses being involved in this side of health care is not a new topic and that patients have the right to make decisions regarding their care and be patient advocates for them. Lori points out that although nurses have a code of ethics, when nurses are in that situation where there is an ethical dilemma oftentimes they are not able to apply that code into decision making and critical thinking skills. they also both share some of their experiences on being caught in the middle of an ethical dilemma.

Policy Revisions Considered After Nurse Medication Error

In this next story, a school reconsiders it’s policies after the school nurse administers a wrong medication to a child. Jamie and Lori discuss on how nurses can have a system on how safety can be increased especially in non traditional settings such as the community or a school. They also talk about the stresses for a school nurse handling multiple schools and districts which would make it difficult for a single school nurse to get their jobs done effectively.

New Zealand Physicians Moonlight in Australia

In the final article is a news story about physicians flying all the way from New Zealand to cover the shortage in Australia. What Jamie found interesting here is that physicians are not that into the idea of having nurse practitioners aid in primary care when in fact there are not enough doctors to go around. Paul also talked about the barriers that has been put on for the situation to take this turn.

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On the panel this week:

Lorry Schoenley of Correctional and on twitter @LorrySchoenly

Paul Kapsar of Silver Arc

and host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Show and MedicCast weekly programs.

Join us as we delve in to our week’s topic.


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