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Practice Fusion: Free EHR Community

Host Jamie Davis was joined on this week’s show by Terri Pollick from Nurse Ratched’s Place and Nurse Practitioner from Nevada, Paul Kaspar .

In the first article, Paul Kaspar responds to last episode’s discussion on electronic health records including the cost and ease of use associated with it. He introduced Practice Fusion, a site that provides free electronic health recording that can be customized according to the user’s needs. A patient can fill in a form in the site and this would serve as the electronic record. It costs a minimal amount to maintain and also time-saving. They also talk about the hurdles to the success of the implementation such as availability of internet access especially in rural areas, security issues regarding submitted personal information, and what happens to the records if a service provider goes down.

Resources for Primary Care NPs

Two articles, one about a new nurse practitioner starting to set-up her own primary care office and another about a nurse practitioner managing a Walmart clinic providing primary care for minor health needs, led the podmedic to inquire about resources for nurse practitioners looking into starting their own primary care facilities. Paul responds that upon joining a nurse practitioner page on Facebook, he learned that there is no formalized program for setting up one’s own practice. The cost of equipment could also be a problem since banks also do not provide loans for such purposes. Medicare payments has also been a problem for health care providers.

Credits for Veterans Going Into Nursing

In this article where legislation is working on giving individuals with military experience credits when they decide to come into the health care field instead of starting from scratch, it mentioned a certain person who worked as a nurse in Iraq but was only allowed to change bedpans as a civilian. This indicated the lack of information of the public on the prerequisites needed to be called a nurse including the education and the license that comes with it. As Terri said, there’s more to being a nurse than knowing how to give shots and doing CPR, just because you know certain skill sets doesn’t mean you are running at the same level of an RN. For the people who worked as care providers in the military and want to be RNs as civilians should be given credit in that transition but not necessarily give a shortcut into nursing itself.

Shank Williams Jr., RN

This final article is a bout a 40- year old nurse who spend her spare time in roller skating derby by the name Shank Williams Jr. The panelists take on it was anything that a nurse can do to be able to take out her frustration from all the stresses at the hospital and being able to channel it into a more productive or enjoying activity is a good way of keeping an individual mentally healthy.

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On the panel this week:

Paul Kaspar for Practice Fusion.

Terri Polick of Nurse Ratched’s Place and on Twitter @motherjonesRN.

and host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Show and MedicCast weekly programs.

Join us as we delve in to our week’s topic.


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