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Nurses Who Have Flea Collars

The panel this week included host Jamie Davis and he was joined by Terri Schmitt, a Missouri nurse practitioner and educator and author of the popular blog. Also returning to the show, Lovlei McKinnie, BSN nursing student and author of “The Dog Ate My Care Plan Blog,” and Cora Vizcarra from the Infusion Nurse blog.

The article on the New Zealand hospital with a flea problem so bad, the nurses are wearing flea collars at work caught most of the panelists aghast. Terri Schmitt wondered if there were disease carrying issues with these fleas the way you might expect with other blood suckers. Should we get our stethoscope tubing infused with flea repellent?  Better yet, COFFEE!

Doogie Howser, NP

We also discussed the story about an 18 year old nurse practitioner graduate in Arizona. Is she just too young to have the necessary practical and life experience to be an NP or will she even be able to gain licensure in other states? Cora speculated that this might lead national nursing accreditation organizations to rethink their stands on necessary practical experience prior to moving on to advanced degrees as a nurse.

Read my take on this young NP over at the Nursing Show site where I wonder if this isn’t just more fodder for the Anti-NP movement by physician groups.

Infection Control, What’s That?

We couldn’t talk about the flea collared nurses without discussing a hospital in the U.K. with a deplorable infection control record. In a recent report, one hospital had an astounding number of clear violations and oversights associated with keeping patients and patient areas clean and isolated from infection. The panel wondered what the reason for the deplorable conditions and education was.


Join us!

On the panel this week:

Terri Schmitt from and on Twitter @onlinenursing.

Lovlei McKinnie from The Dog Ate My Care Plan and on Twitter @isntshelovlei.

Cora Vizcarra from the Infusion Nurse blog and on Twitter@InfusionNurse.

and host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, RN, NREMTP, BA, AAS managing director of the ProMed Network and host of the Nursing Show and MedicCast weekly programs.

Join us as we delve in to our week’s topic.


Links from the show:

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Flea Collared Nurses in New Zealand


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