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Welcome to Episode 6 of Insights in Nursing. The discussion this week centers around bloggers leaving the social media space because of workplace pressure to stop blogging. Primarily, this is brought up by the stunning news that prominent EMS blogger, Mark Glencorse of the U.K. blog announced that he was leaving blogging.

What is it about blogging that scares employers so much and what can we do to ensure that health care bloggers act responsibly when they discuss medical and nursing topics?

Join our panel of special nursing guests as we delve in to this topic. Kim McAllister from the Emergiblog, Cora Vizcarra of the Infusion Nurse blog and Jamie Davis of the Nursing Show.

Some of the links discussed in this week’s show included:

Kentucky nursing student sues university over blog dismissal

Health Blogger Code of Ethics

Change of Shift Nurse Blog Carnival

Interview with Cora Vizcarra about Infusion Nursing on the Nursing Show

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