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This week’s episode of Insights in Nursing looked at a USA Today article on multi-state licenses causing problems with disciplined nurses skirting the rules. Is this a huge problem or much ado about nothing?

Then we move on to discuss a problem with the title some physician agencies are using for PAs and Nurse Practitioners. They are being called “Physician Extenders.”



Finally we point out an instance of the media getting it right by recognizing a nurse who was nominated to a position of honor by a patient advocacy group.

Join our panel of special nursing guests as we delve in to this topic including Kim McAllister from the Emergiblog, Terri Polick of Nurse Ratched’s Place, and Jamie Davis of the Nursing Show.

Contact us at with your comments on this episode, suggestions for the show or future episodes or just to tell about what you think is important right now for you as a nurse!

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