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Welcome to Episode 5 of Insights in Nursing. In this episode we look at the impact nurses depicted on TV have (or don’t have) on the nursing profession. What effect does “Nurse Jackie” or “Hawthorne” have on the public’s perceptions of what we do in providing nursing care for our patients.

Join our panel of special nursing guests as we delve in to this topic.

Contact us at with your comments on this episode, suggestions for the show or future episodes or just to tell about what you think is important right now for you as a nurse!

Insights in Nursing podcast comes out on most Fridays with a panel of core hosts including: Kim McAllister from the Emergiblog Terri Polick of Nurse Ratched’s Place and Jamie Davis of the Nursing Show. Other guests will be added to the mix as soon as anyone asks to be on the show!

Join us if you are a nurse leader, blogger, or just want to chat with us. We’d love to have your opinion heard on the show.

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