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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Insights in Nursing Podcast. This week’s show looked at an interesting trend in recent news and journal articles focusing on the Physician vs. Advanced Practice Nurse debate in health care reform.

Join our discussion this week with Kim McAllister of the Emergiblog and Terri Polick of Nurse Ratched’s Place as we look at several recent stories in the news about nurses. They bring their viewpoints to the table and share them with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic of the Nursing Show and MedicCast EMS podcast.

The show this week revolves around these articles found with a simple search for nurse, nursing, and other related topics this week.

Albanian doctor makes the transition to nursing

Nurses as good as doctors in AIDS care monitoring

Specially Trained Nurse Practitioner Detected Same Breast Abnormalities As Surgeon

Share your thoughts using the comments link below. We all look forward to hear your thoughts on this discussion.

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